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Pharmedi 2015 in Vietnamese Ho Chi Minh City

Pharmedi 2015 in Vietnamese Ho Chi Minh City Date: 28.9.2015

Between 23rd and 26th September 2015 we participated on Pharmedi 2015 expo in Vietnamese Ho Chi Minh City which focused on medical technology. Biomag stand was visited by many existing and potential customers. Thank you very much for visiting us! We look forward to meeting you again soon!

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Arab Health 2016

Arab Health 2016 Date: 3.9.2015

Please accept our invitation to famous Arab Health 2016 in Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. This important event in the field of medical technology will be held on 25th and 26th January 2016. We cordially invite business partners, prospective distributors, customers and professionals interested in new trends in the field of magnetic therapy to visit our exposition. Watch our website as the exact location of our stand will soon be published!

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Medica 2015

Medica 2015 Date: 2.9.2015

This year the most important international trade fair of medical technology, Medica 2015, returns to Düsseldorf, Germany. You will be able to personally meet us from 16th to 19th November 2015 at the pre-arranged meetings. We will gladly introduce you to unique characteristics of Biomag 3D pulsed magnetic therapy devices and propose a solution for you. Contact us today to arrange meeting times!

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WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA 2015 Date: 21.8.2015

Do not miss the WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA 2015 exhibition on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th September. Visit our booth N88 with 3D pulsed magnetic therapy of Biomag in the area of PVA EXPO PRAHA Letňany!
You will have the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations on the field of pulsed magnetic therapy and its impact on beauty and physical and mental health.


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Vietnam MEDI-PHARM EXPO 2015

Vietnam MEDI-PHARM EXPO 2015 Date: 16.5.2015

VIETNAM MEDI-PHARM EXPO 2015 described as the trade fair of medical equipment for hospitals and rehabilitation centres took place in Hanoi on 13-16 May. Over 200 exhibitors from 20 different countries of the world got together. We thank all who visited our stand. It was a pleasure to have met you personally and to have been able to share information about Biomag 3D pulsed magnetic therapy.


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Rehabilitation Centres Conference in Hanoi

Rehabilitation Centres Conference in Hanoi Date: 1.5.2015

The three-day conference was hosted in Hanoi, Vietnam from 23rd until 25th April 2015 and 200 doctors from rehabilitation centres from the whole of Vietnam were present. In particular, doctors from the north of Vietnam and also from Ho Chi Minh City showed most interest in Biomag magnetic therapy devices.


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What the first Biomag magnetic therapy devices looked like?

What the first Biomag magnetic therapy devices looked like? Date: 29.4.2015

Biomag magnetic therapy devices help people for over 25 years.
We have gone a long way since introducing the first Biomag 89 device. During the whole period of development, our devices correspond to the latest knowledge of therapeutical effects of low-frequency pulsed magnetic field.


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Vet Fair 2015

Vet Fair 2015 Date: 20.4.2015

The 13th annual international veterinary fair was held in Aldis Congress centre in Hradec Králové from 17th to 18th April 2015.
We want to thank all business partners and other people interested in Biomag veterinary devices and applicators for visiting our stand.


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Successful quality assurance system audit

Successful quality assurance system audit Date: 1.4.2015

Biomag has passed the regular demanding control audit of its full quality assurance system.
Electrotechnical testing institute reconfirmed that Biomag magnetic therapy applicators and devices comply with the most strict requirements of Annex 2 of the Government Order No. 336/2004 Coll., which specifies technical requirements for medical devices of the IIa class.


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The Czech Red Cross and Biomag

The Czech Red Cross and Biomag Date: 1.4.2015

Biomag has again financially supported purchasing of a so-called "social car", this time for the Czech Red Cross organization.
The newly purchased service car will be used for both the common purposes in the field of social welfare services and humanitarian purposes in extreme situations.


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